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Management Style Of PGC

The distinct features of PGC, compared to other companies in the management style is that every executive and staff are multi-tasking. We make our own teas and clean our own cups. We focus more on ideas rather than hierarchies. Everyone in the company knows what it is doing and where the company is heading. Constant trainings are given to the staff in various areas besides our IBS system . Even the drivers are needed to know Proven IBS when asked by our guests.

We believe that the wealth of the Company depends on the trained manpower it possesses. Every executive is trained to be passionate, resilient, perseverance and are expected to be knowledgeable in their own field. (We do in-house training at our HQ).

The company believes in positive thinking and working as a “DT” (dream team) not a (delaying team), sharing every information we have and often willing to work for long hours to achieve our set targets. Meetings are often conducted after office hours, in order to plan for the day. Encouraging communication among all staffs is the major key for PGC to have a strong teamwork. Total commitment, always knowing the goals of the Company and putting the target and standard high, are some of the essential features amongst the Proven Group of Companies management staff.


We are currently working with a pool of renowned consultants such as ;

  • YTS Architect, an award winning Malaysian architect based in USA who designed Bill Gates Township at Silicon Valley, USA and many more well known building in Malaysia,
  • Erwin Hawawinata Associates, a well known and the top ten architect/Conceptor in Indonesia that designed the Da Vinci Tower in Jakarta,
  • Civil and Structure Consultant, Perunding TAC headed by Mr. Tan Ah Chai, who has a wide experience in IBS Structural Design Analysis and Structural Value Engineering Work for low to high rise buildings. Perunding TAC is our in-house Endorsing IBS components.