What Is IBS /

Advantages of IBS


  • 2 times faster than conventional method
  • Conventional method of making the floor is about 14 days. With our Pre-Stressed Half Slabs, it will take only 2 days.

Reduces workers

  • Reduces the need for skilled workers, carpenters and bar-benders

Systematic way

  • Wall: M&E piping & conduits can be placed with no hacking required
  • Floor: Slabs can just be arranged like planks speedily
  • Both products are made by moulds, which creates size consistency

No formwork required

  • With our wall, no formwork is required as it will all be incorporated into the blocks.


  • Less formworks and less wastages
  • Air gap feature helps heat and sound insulation

Smooth surface finishes

  • Wall: Smooth and straight due to the tongue and groove feature
  • Floor: smooth surface which will lead to savings in finishes


  • TIME : 50% faster than conventional
  • STEEL: save 50% usage as less steel needed for the wall and slabs
  • FOUNDATION: our system is lighter than conventional, so can save on foundation
  • FINISHES: smooth surfaces means less work on finishes (plastering and skimcoat)
  • WORKERS: less dependency on plumbing, M&E, carpenters, bar-benders and skilled general workers